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Started by Drainage Solutions, November 25, 2010, 12:57:35 PM

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Discovered that the drain had blocked in our recently purchased property. Contacted Andy who was friendly and approachable. It was a Monday morning and, although he was obviously busy, agreed to come after lunch. Andy arrived before lunch and sorted the problem out. He also gave honest advice as to how we could avoid it happening again in the future. I asked for a couple of quotes for the options he had given us. These were comprehensive and were emailed to us within a couple of hours.
I would have no problem in highly recommending Drainage Solutions.

Drainage Solutions

Hi Jiveboy62,
Thanks very much for your review, I am glad we could assist you and sort out your problem.
Its a shame that you had spent so much time and money trying to rectify your problems with a none specialist company. We will see you next week to sort out the rest of the defective work and get you flushing with confidence.


Drainage Solutions


A few days ago we found our drains were totally blocked. I called Andy at 8.20, he came over, fixed the problem and made sure all was well in all the pipework and  had left, job well done, by 10.30.

Not overly expensive either!

Thanks Andy and the team.



Delighted to give a recommendation for Drainage Solutions.
Andy gave us a good quote to connect our drainage to the new mains sewer. Arrived on time and carried out a prompt and well constructed manhole and connection leaving the front drive tidy. Thanks to Andy and team


Just had Andy and Nigel round to install one of these fancy new septic tanks as part of our application for an AFO, and not only did they turn up exactly when they said they would, they had the whole thing done and dusted within 2 days and left me with all the paperwork required!

Considering that included digging up a well installed old style Spanish pozo and enough soil to fill a skip, and working on top of small marble chippings, they left the site tidier than they found it!! Not a bad price either.



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Andy came out yesterday because we had a dreadful smell from our pozo. He came out promptly and put our mind at rest.
Many thanks, Andy.
Mike Witherspoon
Los Gilabertes

Drainage Solutions

Just a note to inform everyone that we are currently installing fully certificated Fossa Sceptica´s, to the correct specification in the Albox area.
This equipment is essential to gain your AFO certificate.
Please contact me directly if you require a quotation.

Tel: 616531283

Drainage Solutions

We would just like to wish all our customers, New and old, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Best wishes to all

Andy & Nigel


Just want to sat thank you to Drainage solutions for sorting out our problem today.  We have had various issues over the past few months with pozo and drains due to a bad build. This company have sorted us out, professionally and courteously with speed.

Would have no hesitation in recommending them.


virginia ainsworth

Hi I am trying to find out where my soil pipe is in my garden, we are on mains sewerage and have dug a trench where you would think they should be but cant find them,do you have a machine that could detect where the drain runs, my number is 610931282 and I am Nick, located in La Alfoquia thanks


Just want to say a huge Thank You to Andy and his team for coming out promptly and sorting out the problems with my pozo and drains.  It was not an easy job but they got it done and you would not know there had been a problem.

Garden etc all back to normal.

Would have no problem in recommending them.

Chrissy and Graeme


Just had this company to clean out our pipes, and they really know what they are doing. We had a major blockage in our pipe from the bathroom,   they sorted it out in a hour and now we can flush merrliy away without worry! Also put us in touch with a Spanish company who came and thoroughly cleaned out the pozo. JOB DONE! thanks guys.


Had occasion to contact Drainage solutions as my kitchen & utility sinks had blocked. They came the next morning within 30 minutes of making the call. The main problem was working out where the waste went to which took a little while but with persistence the blockage was eventually identified to an outside "junction box" on the far side of the house. Once located it was unblocked very quickly and everything is now back to normal and I have some idea of how our "Spanish plumbing" works!! I decided to call them as a result of the positive posts on the forum and now have no hesitation in recommending them myself.


Thank you for sorting out our kitchen blockage this morning - great job, very quick and thorough.  Well recommended (nice, happy, friendly chaps too).
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cactus jack

We had a big blockage in the pipework which caused an overflow into the house and no water usage for 24hrs. Contacted Andy who came out within 2 hours of the call after a further hour the problem was solved and life was back to normal.

Very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.

One word of warning be careful who you call out to empty your pozo. We called the wrong people a small tank on the back of a flat back is not the way forward. Now I know we won't make the same mistake again.



I just want to post on here to say how happy I am with the service Andy and his team gave me in locating our full Pozo and sorting the problem out.

I reccommend them to everyone.

Thanks guys.


Just been reading the posts here and I think you are the guys for us to use to sort out a problem with our pozo.

I believe it is not draining as we have what looks like a "over flow" outlet that is draining water when two taps are run for a while and it stinks!

I'm sure its not a water leak and there is no overflow on our stand by water tank as that is what I thought it was to start with.

Please can you come and have a look and what are your charges?

The pozo is only 6yrs old.

I look forward in hearing from you soon.

Drainage Solutions

Hi all,
After reading the comments on the main page with regards to sewer connections, I would like to highlight that Drainage Solutions are the only company in the area that have a CCTV camera, pipe location equipment, a mini digger and a mini dumper under one roof.
Using our no dig technology, there is a possibility that sewer pipes can be picked up on line and diverted off the plot to the mains a lot earlier than taking them from the pozo negro, which, as said, can be at the other side of the plot.
Carrying out this survey can on occasions save an awfull lot of digging and an awful lot of expense.
We have been carrying out this type of work in the area for the last 9 years and have over 20 years experience in total.
For futher information please call me.
Andrew Venn
Drainage Solutions


Have to agree, we used Andy & the team last year when we had problems locating &
digging out our Pozo. A fab job, great guys, reliable & fair prices and no probs since.
Wouldn´t hesitate to recommend them.

Ann Knight

I have just used drainage solutions to sort out a smell in my villa. Andy the boss arrived very quickly and sorted out the problem with no mess or anything . He came when he said and did a great job so thanks for that Andy. We then had a building problem as we had glass doors fitted and the roof had bowed. This again was no problem to Andy and his team. They came yesterday morning put in a post to lift the roof and the problem we had has now been resolved with no mess and little interruption. I would recommend this team to anyone who wants a professional building job done who arrives when they say they will and leaves no mess just a good job done.


Ann Knight


We are having problems with various smells around our villa and wondered if you could come out and have a check for us. Our villa is in Los Huevanillas.

Many thanks
Ann Knight


We called Andy and his team in to deal with our pozo problem. They were amazing. They were here when they said they would be, sorted the problem, carried out the work to an incredibly high standard and were very professional. We would recommend them to anybody with building/ drainage requirements.🐸


WOW - what excellent service.

From initial diagnosis, through electronically locating my pozo (which the previous owner had buried under a metre of earth and crazy paving).

Then recommending a company to provide a very good emptying and power cleaning of the pozo. (The 1st company I called were totally useless and I will provide their name by private message).

Drainage Solutions kept in regular contact over the 2 week period of the work and checked a couple of times to ensure everything was now working correctly.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Thanks again.

Mick   La Cueva


 :DGreat firm done a great job at not rip off brit price would recomend tp all

torres rules

Thank you for sorting this problem out great job done, highly recommend this Company.


I needed some advice reference pozo and vent pipe. Andy came out the next day and we agreed the scope of the work and the price. 2 Days later job done. Excellent service and the lads he has working for him are professional and knowledgable. I can thoroughly recommend them for reliability and standard of workmanship.



Just had Andy out to clear a blocked pipe to the poza and must say more than happy with service. Came out within couple of hours and made sure job was fixed properly before he left. Great price as well. Definitely recommend their company. Many thanks, Glenn........... ;D
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Drainage Solutions

I´ve just been reading the site and would to like to thank you all for your kind recommendations.



Over the weekend our pozo backwashed into casa.  We contacted Drainage Solutions Monday.  Came out within 2 hours, recommended  a Limpiar Pozo, who came out same day - did a superb  job  above and beyond the call of duty of what was required.   Drainage Solutions came out again today and sorted the the rest of the problem.  If you require any further info pls pm me.  I am pleased to recommend a British Company (& Spanish Co) for once in our 8 years here.  Pls pm me for more info.  Pat Mckenzie, Las Casicas



We have 2 pozos, soak aways. 1 for the solids  :vomit: and 1 for the domestic waste water. They are installed side by side. They were installed about 9 years ago and we are now having problems. The water waste soak away is filling up and causing blockages. Pumping out solves the problem for a month or two but is not the answer. I assume the bottom and side soak away holes are clogged with soap/fat and other gundge. Both pozos are easily accessible.

What would be your recommendations could this be rectified ? (I live near Oria)

Kind regards,


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